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top ten largest waterfalls in the world

top ten largest waterfalls in the world

A visit to a waterfall is one of the most spectacular experiences ever. Gallons of water falling from the sky with almost full force is one of nature’s most jaw-dropping miracles. While some waterfalls are thrilling to stand under, there are a few that are undeniably breathtaking to behold. Here are the top ten best waterfalls in the world for your bucket list.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls
Angel Falls

In addition to being the tallest waterfall in the world at an incredible 3,212 feet, Angel Falls in Venezuela’s Bolivar Province also claims to be the highest plunge in the world. Angel Falls descends 2,648 feet from the flat-topped plateau known as Auyan-Tepui after a short dip of about 100 feet.

An American aviator, Jimmy Angel, discovered Angel Falls by accident in 1933. The world’s tallest waterfall was the last thing on Angel’s mind at the time, the bush pilot looking for famous gold ore deposits in Venezuela when he took off. over it. But to Pimon, the natives, the waterfall was a well-known sight.

Angel Falls is a popular spot for waterfall enthusiasts to witness the fall alone, but the area surrounding the falls is also known for its unique beauty. The plateau is surrounded by a variety of plants and flowers, such as orange and yellow lantana, purple princess flower, pink mimosa, and other species of orchids and bromeliads. The spectacular tricks that Angel Falls can pull off with the local environment only serve to add to its appeal. Because of the great height of the jump, the breeze creates a lot of mist and spray to cover the plateau, and the rain that mixes with the falling water can cause new branches to grow from the waterfall.

Top ten best waterfalls in the world

Togela Falls

The five-tiered Tugela Falls in South Africa’s Kwazulu Natal province is the second tallest waterfall in the world, totaling 3,110 feet. Among the five levels, the longest single drop is 1,350 feet.

  A peak that resembles an amphitheater is where the Tugela Falls begins. The flow of water over the falls is shallow, except during periods of heavy rainfall: the cascade is typically 50 feet (15 m) wide and has a volume of 1.41 cubic meters per second.

Compared to many other waterfalls, Tugela Falls is quite easy to reach. A nearby parking lot leads to this popular tourist destination. There are two trails that lead to the falls and offer breathtaking views: one requires a strenuous 4-mile (6.4 km) trek to the top of the mountain. Due to the altitude and thin air, it is a test of physical fitness. An alternative route takes you another 4.3 miles through South Africa’s Royal Natal National Park to see the base of the falls.

Top ten best waterfalls in the world

Three Sisters Falls

Three Sisters Falls, located in the isolated region of Ayacucho in Peru, is the third highest waterfall in the world. The impressive 3,000-foot Cataratas las Tres Hermanas Falls are also known as the “Waterfalls of the Three Sisters” because of the three unique tiers or steps that obstruct the flow. The upper two levels fall into a large natural water catch basin. The third level is practically difficult to see, which emerges from the basin and sinks down into the Cutivireni River.

A lush, tropical rainforest with trees nearly 100 feet tall surrounds Three Sisters Falls. The rugged terrain is surrounded by impressive natural features, notably the Pavirontsi Natural Bridge, the largest natural bridge in the world, and the protected Park Nacional Otishi located in the National Forest.

Top ten best waterfalls in the world

Olo’upena Falls

Olo’upena Falls, the source of Pu’uka’oku Falls, is a series of ribbon-thin streams that tumble 2,953 feet over the edge of the Haloku Cliffs, one of the world’s tallest sea cliffs. This beautiful waterfall, surrounded by huge mountains, is so remote that there are no trails to reach it. Like Pu’uka’oku Falls, it can only be reached by air or sea. The rainy season, which runs from November to March, is the prime time to see Oluupina Falls, and various boat and plane tours offer breathtaking views of the falls over the sheer rock face and into the sea.

Top ten best waterfalls in the world

Yumbila Falls

In the jungle region of Cuispes province in northern Peru, you can find South America’s newly discovered Yumbilla Falls. The height of the falls has been challenged by several authorities, despite the fact that it currently ranks fifth on our list: according to other sources, despite Peru’s National Geographic Institute (ING) claiming that it stands at 2,854 feet. is significantly less. (895.4 m).

Yumbilla Falls is a multi-tiered waterfall. The waterfall maintains some contact with the underlying bedrock, describing it as a horseshoe flow. This low-volume waterfall, like many of the other falls on our list, is often affected by seasonal weather patterns. The width increases during the rainy months and shrinks during the dry months.

Top ten best waterfalls in the world


Vinnufossen, with a total height of about 2,840 feet, is one of the highest and most impressive waterfalls in Europe. The highlight of the waterfalls is this glacially-moving waterfall that cascades down a mountainside near Sundaline, Norway. Each waterfall makes a mark on the steep rock face as it cascades out from the high rock bluff. However, it is Vinnufossen’s continued progress that attracts and amazes observers.

Vinnufossen begins with a cascading fall that expands into a misty tail of rushing water. This horsetail has one of the longest measured falls of its kind in the entire world, spanning 590 feet (179 m) in flight.

Top ten best waterfalls in the world


Another record-breaking waterfall, Pu’uka’oku, can be found near the Wild Coast of Molokai in the Hawaiian Islands. On a cliff on the northeast border of the island, this thin river of water drops 2,755 feet.

Pu’uka’oku has created a deep crack in the porous volcanic basalt of the rock wall, similar to other waterfalls along this spectacular coastline. Compared to smaller waterfalls, which have not removed their beds as much, this makes it more difficult to see. The falls can be visited by tourists from boats or helicopters operated by knowledgeable operators who know exactly where to look.

Top ten best waterfalls in the world

James Bruce Falls

Visitors to James Bruce Falls in British Columbia’s Princess Louisa Inlet can easily get sidetracked by the area’s other, more prominent waterfalls, so those interested in seeing the world’s ninth-tallest waterfall should keep their sights set. 

When compared to other, larger waterfalls, James Bruce Falls is a little more difficult. Because of its glacial source, its flow is much lower than that of a large river and is therefore more like a woven ribbon of whitewater than a tumbling sheet of falling water. Before entering the inlet, James Bruce Falls descends 2,755 feet of rugged, rocky hills. Climbing the hills on nearby routes can provide a higher view because it is difficult to see the whole thing from its mouth, which must be reached by boat.

Top ten best waterfalls in the world

Brown Falls

The smallest of the ten waterfalls is Brown Falls, located near New Zealand’s southernmost point and a dubious sound gap along the coast of Fiordland National Park. The Sound, a major waterway, is located far from the island nation’s major cities and miles from nearby roads.

The direction of the waterfall also makes it difficult to see. The falls, which begin at an elevation of 2,030 feet, flows through a series of slow, frothy drops before plunging into a deep canyon. The lower part of the waterfall winds through thick vegetation, hiding its path from most casual observers.

Top ten best waterfalls in the world


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