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Best places to visit in Morocco

Best places to visit in Morocco

11 Best places to visit in Morocco

Morocco is one of those countries that just intrigues and excites; it’s the kind of country with a lot of the best places in Morocco scattered all across the country. The scenery comes last. We’re talking about the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, the scorching Sahara desert, and the vibrant hills that are likely to be the residence of many Berber people. Take a look at the best places to visit in Morocco.

Marrakech Medina

Best places to visit in Morocco: Residents in Marrakech spend their days traveling. The small lanes are lined with rows of stalls offering garish tourist goods, colorfully embroidered apparel, and handcrafted lanterns.

One should savor the sensation of merely strolling through the precious souks in the midst of the medina. The edgy jewelry at the Souk des Bijoutiers, the metal pots being hammered by artists in the Souk Haddadine, the wool dying in the Souk des Teinturiers, and the leather in the Souk Cherratine were some of our favorite aspects of the trip. In one of our favorite Marrakech activities, read about them all.



Best places to visit in Morocco: The medina of Essaouira radiates beauty and vibrance. The harbor made famous by Game of Thrones sings to the noise of fishermen bringing in the morning’s catch, while local marketplaces favor a traditional way of life.

Despite this, the tiny village ultimately begins to seem serene despite the power. Cafes and art galleries are located on the sidewalks of the shaded streets.

Essaouira’s lanes, sunset drinks by the harbor, and sampling of local food solidified this beach hotel’s position at the top of our list of the greatest places to visit in Morocco after the craziness of Fez.



Best places to visit in Morocco: The medina of Fez is a sensory-overwhelming maze of alleyways. A strange labyrinth where still-used traditions attract modern tourists. The sound of tanners hammering leather and metalworkers slamming pots is drowned out by the call to prayer, which also floats over donkeys running through cobblestone walkways. Intricately carved mosques and medersas stand out against the squalor of a crowded metropolis.

To tour the medina is unique. During our self-guided walking tour of Fez, we found the most atmospheric souks, captivating old ruins, and undiscovered gems within the heavily populated maze.

 Ouarzazate is a well-liked stop on the way from Marrakech to the Saharan sand dunes. That is charming Morocco, a location that is definitely worth seeing, with intriguing kasbahs, a hidden oasis, and highland settlements ideal for shopping off the opulent song.


Ounila Valley

Best places to visit in Morocco: One may still be able to witness remnants of Moroccan power while driving through the Ounila Valley. The crumbling Tamdaght and Telouet Kasbahs serve as a reminder of how successful the caravan route was in this area of the country

As it weaves its way from the majestic Atlas Mountains to the arid plains just north of the Sahara Desert, the Ounilariver has changed the landscape. The valley floor is covered in a rich array of green crops, which contrast with the rusty red rock of the canyon-like cliffs.

It’s a region of South Morocco that is utterly beautiful. Along the way from Marrakech to Ouarzazate, stop and wander through some of the charming towns like Tajeguite, Assaka, and Tafaste.

Aït ben haddou

Best places to visit in Morocco: Benhaddou is a walled community located along the Ounila River. It was built of local dust bricks and is one of the best sites in Morocco to see a breathtaking sunset.

Because it has been extensively recreated as the setting for well-known movies like Gladiator, Jewel in the Nile, and Jesus of Nazareth, it is no longer a true examination of rural Moroccan life. But exploring in the late afternoon is a worthwhile activity.

As the crowds start to thin out and the stallholders scatter, it’s not uncommon to have the area to oneself. At this time of day, At Ben Haddou shimmers in a gentle golden light. Pinnacle of a nearby hill; miles of stunning, desolate alpine views.


Fint Oasis

Best places to visit in Morocco: A network of 150 individuals live in the four settlements that surround the palm-lined river at the Fint Oasis. It’s a stunning place that hasn’t undergone much modification in hundreds of years. Men herd goats, women work little fields, and children pull faces from the backs of donkeys hauling them and their produce between the communities.

A small valley is ablaze with vibrant pink and lush green foliage, while wide red granite canyon cliffs swirl overhead. There is only one café in the oasis where you may enjoy a lovely cup of mint tea, but there aren’t many more activities available.

Best places to visit in Morocco


Best places to visit in Morocco: It’s difficult to think of too many lovely things to say about Imlil because it isn’t much more than a roadside stop high in the Atlas Mountains with guest houses lining either side of a busy road. It is our intention to use this location as a base to climb Mount Toubkal, the most prominent peak of the Atlas Mountains.

From Imlil to basecamp, it takes a delightfully honest 5-7 hours to hike to the top. After spending the night in base camp, an attempt will be made on the summit the following day. Guides for Toubkal and different walks in the area can be booked at Imlil.

Best places to visit in Morocco

Skoura Palmery

Best places to visit in Morocco: The 15-mile skourapalmeraie palm grove may be found one hour from Ouarzazate. Even from the street, the dense collection of hands is a remarkable sight, exquisitely framed by the pink granite of the valley. Little, hidden fields are traversed by an intricate web of roadways, as well as an inventive, antiquated irrigation system.

There are a number of kasbahs to visit, but the extravagant embellishments of Kasbah Amridil make it the most striking. All around the world, travel brochures feature it. There are a few great lodges placed inside the palmeraie, but the true lure is spending the night in relaxing oasis surroundings. We suggest Le Jardin de Skoura if you’re looking for a tiny slice of bliss in what appears to be a remote area of Morocco.

Todra Gorge

Best places to visit in Morocco: Despite being only 10 meters wide at its narrowest point and approximately 200 meters high, the Todra Gorge is stunning. Standing in front of a big rock wall that mysteriously changes its shadow as the sun sets is one of the most interesting things to do in Morocco. Despite being somewhat marred by the tour companies at the bottom of the valley, there are still many great reasons to go back to Todra.

The breathtaking half-day gorge hike is a top-notch experience. The route takes you past nomadic camps and along the canyon cliffs’ backsides. The process lasts around 4 hours and the superb and regularly shifting points of view.

Tizi n’tichka Pass

Best places to visit in Morocco: The Tizin’Tichka bypass in the Atlas Mountains is one of Morocco’s most picturesque routes. In addition, it is a well-known location in southern Morocco. To reach the 2,260-meter summit, which provides breathtaking views of the jagged, craggy mountains below, hairpin curves wind their way up the valley.

The drive along this route, which was formerly the principal caravan route, from Marrakech to Timbuktu is breathtaking. The Telouet Kasbah, one of the most spectacular in the region, is worth a visit.

Best places to visit in Morocco

Erg Chebbi Dunes

Best places to visit in Morocco: The Merzouga Erg Chebbi dunes hypnotically resemble what most people envision arid terrain to look like. Sand is molded into broad, symmetrical shapes that reflect the sun’s rays and glow with a reddish-golden marvel. Since the dunes are barely 7 kilometers wide, the camel journey to a tented camp for the night is more theatrical than a genuine travel experience, but it nonetheless upholds the fantasy in all the right ways.

Moroccan delicacies sizzle at the underground fish boil, but Berber chanting under the stars steals the show. Despite all of our reservations, it is still a beautiful Morocco memory. To avoid the Bedouin caravan becoming a desert region circus, try to travel during the off-season if possible.


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